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Dirkje - Now available in South Africa

The Dirkje designer baby clothing range is now available in South Africa for the first time (imported from the Netherlands) and offers a wonderland of choice that includes a variety of contemporary summer and winter baby clothing sets from newborn to 18 months. 

Filling your baby's world with plenty of love and fun is a priority and mothers know that dressing up is all part of the excitement! So if you are a mom fashionista then the Dirkje baby clothing range is not to be missed!

The Dirkje designs take babies’ lifestyles into account and know that summer clothes needs to be air-permeable and winter clothes must be warm. The baby clothing is also designed to put on and take off easily, so your baby will have as much fun as you dressing up.

Dirkje baby clothing sets are made of cotton and will be soft and comfortable to wear, while looking adorable all at the same time! You can be sure that with the Dirkje baby clothing range you get affordable, quality and beautiful baby clothing!